Technicolor Day

Saturday, May 13

Old and New

(all three of) My regular readers know that for the last, what 6 months or more, I have been waffling on this blog. Not sure what I wanted to do with it, or IF I wanted to do with it. I have started a few new things, and they have taken away from this blog as well. So here's the update as of today:
We got iLife a few months ago, and I've been playing with that. I have an iWeb site that I'm working on, that is mostly for family and friends, letting them know what is going on in my life, like when to show up for kid's concerts and plays and junk. If you are a family member or friend, please e-mail me (seeshellsATmacDOTcom), and I'll share that website with you.
As for this blog: Well, I had always had problems with this blog, because I felt I was being too broad, while at the same time being vague. Thus, the experiments with the cooking blog (which I may keep up) and the penguin collecting blog (probably not!). I had an inspiration last week on what my 'niche' blog will be: Television! Blogging about all the shows I watch now, the good and the embarrassing, and talk about some of the shows I used to watch, and the memories. Like watching cop shows with my parents when I was a kid. I'm more inspired to work in just a small corner of my life in this blog, and my man is on the contributor's list, too, so we'll get his perspective sometimes, too.
I'll leave this blog up for now. Who knows, maybe I'll come back to it someday. But in the mean-time, please check out my new blog, and feel free to bookmark the new, and un-bookmark the old. Thanks to all.


Tuesday, February 14

10 ways to know your geek loves you

I've seen lists of the top 10 reasons to date a geek (and the top 10 reasons to not date a geek) on the web, and I wanted to do my own list. Been working on it for a couple weeks, but saved it for today.
So I bring you...

The Top Ten Ways to Know Your Geek Loves You

#10 He gives you useful electronic gifts, not something that would die like flowers
#9 He burns you CDs of music you might like
#8 When it's time to get a new printer, he gets the one with a scanner and photo printing, because that's the one you like
#7 He gets you an MP3 player for work, so he can burn you MP3s you might like
#6 The first time he blogged he loved you, you knew he was the one
#5 He signs up for Audible to get you a free Shuffle (along with the great books!)
#4 He chooses video games that are two player, so you can play together
#3 He talks 'geek speek' with your dad
#2 He will, occasionally, watch a movie he knows will suck, just because you want to watch it

And the Number One Way to Know Your Geek Loves You

Two Words:
Shared Log-In!

Happy VD everyone, and I love you Bryan.

Number, um, .01
He makes you an awesome comic on his new site, and it's so sweet it makes you cry!

Friday, February 10

Beading at Work

Originally uploaded by seeshells.
This is a project I'm working on at work. The body is almost done in this shot, completed now. Next is thinking about fringe.

Thursday, February 9

Dancin' Feet

Does anyone else have the problem of not being able to stop their feet from dancing the Davy Jones side-shuffle when a certain eBay commercial comes on??

Wednesday, February 8

Lost is Found

Well, the missing girl was found. Some suspicious circumstances, certainly, but at least she's ok.

Tuesday, February 7

Too Close To Home

Two things today hit me too close to home.
First, the 14-year old girl that is missing lives in the same general area of town as we do, she goes to my son's school, and was last seen close to our neighborhood. The person at the door pointed in the general direction of the 17th Street Russ's from our porch, but didn't actually say where the girl was actually last seen.
And a work-guy-friend found out today he's going to Iraq. He had been nervously waiting the orders for the last couple weeks, he knew it was coming. He'll find out more details tomorrow, but he'll most likely miss his son's high school graduation. This guy is a sweetheart of a guy, family man--we always swap kid stories--and an easy guy to talk to. Same age as me, and was almost close to his military retirement.
These two people, and their families, are in my thoughts tonight.

Monday, February 6


One of my e-mail accounts has, unfortunately, become a magnet for spam, and I am deleting a dozen spam e-mails every time I open the inbox.
This morning there were a couple that made me chuckle.
Show Your Love on St. Valentine's Day
Show Monster Power on St. Valentine's Day

Hmm, so does that mean that "your love"="monster power"??
Or does that possible mean that taking your loved one to see Monster Trucks is the ultimate showering of love?

Monday, January 30

iLife Update

So we're loving iLife. (I agree, Angela, Macs definately Rule! I'm so jealous you're getting an iBook!!please give me a link to your blog, BTW)
I haven't played with each program, so I'll just comment on the ones I've used.
iPhoto: the new features are nice, especially the full screen edit, but nothing added was so new that it was ground shaking. We're still sorting all the old photos, and a few are still on the old drive, so we still have those bugs to work out. Keywords are awesome! But, and this is I believe an issue with iPhoto overall, anytime I've moved photos from one place to another, keywords are lost, as well as individual batches, and they all got mixed up in order. So lots of sorting to sort out.
iWeb: Great new program. I've been playing with it some (not enough to share the link quite yet) and it makes putting the whole website thing together very smooth and easy. Of course, not so many choices of themes as one might like, but it's the first edition. One thing I don't especially like, is when you publish, you publish everything. What I mean is, you can make as many different sites as you want to, but when you go to publish one site, you have to publish them all. I don't care for this, just because I tend to like to play around with things for a few days, sometimes, and save them in 'draft' form. I can't save my site in draft, if anyone else publishes.
And side note: don't forget to save. Save early, save often. The almost-15-year-old made a great site with 2-3 pages, complete with Ramones pictures, and "mom, what's my favorite book?", and then he went to upload a short pod cast on the updated Garage Band (which I haven't played with yet) and something went funky, and iWeb closed. And he hadn't saved. I will attest to the fact that it was a cool site. But he'll have to start over now.
Oh, I also don't love the long, strange URL when you use the .mac with the iWeb. But that's something I will just have to get used to.
One of our favorite new programs, didn't come with the iLife, but getting the new iLife kinda inspired us to get, is Comic Life, which I call iComic, but I'll have to talk about that later...

Sunday, January 15

Old Photo

In preperation for the new iLife, and trying to clean up my old PC, I'm finally getting the rest of my older photos and art off the old PC. It was so easy to dump all the photos, art, and other data onto the iDisk, and now all my old stuff is available on the G4 Mac.
This one popped out as one of my favorites. Photo first, of my own garden, then enhanced with a photo/art program.
(Click on the photo to see it even bigger)
Me likee.

Saturday, January 14


With the new camera, I was planning on buying the upgrade to Flickr, but after watching the macworld keynote presentation, we've ordered iLife, and I'm thinking that might meet all my photo/web-ing needs.

Friday, January 13

Good for Beading, too

originally found on Make

This gem of a program takes your photo or drawing and transforms it into a counted cross stitch pattern. Beaders who bead brick stitch or any other square stitch will be able to use these patterns for their beading as well. Awesome!

Wednesday, January 4

New Camera

The specs are here.
This is the camera my parents got for both myself and my brother for Christmas. Very nice!

Monday, January 2

New Year

A blogging New Year's Resolution:
Blog More!

I have been light on the blogging the last few months, if you remember, I was pondering if I should keep blogging on this blog, or at all, and the last few weeks have been so busy with holiday stuff, I haven't even thought about it. But I'm back.

Sunday, January 1


sign found on (of course) The Generator Blog

Tuesday, December 20

Oh, Happy Day

Well, today is my birthday. Meh.

Wednesday, December 7

Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

I actually shoveled tonight. At 9:00 pm. Because there's no way I'm going to have time to do it in the morning. I had others do the shoveling so far this season, but this time it was my turn. Ouch! Me with an often 'bad back', me with some ligament pain by by knee, that I just know was from dancing too much, but this week pains me so much I dread putting on socks, me whiney girl that I am. I shoveled.
It really wasn't that bad. There's a reason the older, more experienced shovelers do it in the evening, &/or do it before it's done snowing: the lighter, fresher snow is easier to shovel. Duh. (that duh was for me--it was a 'duh-me' LOL)
Plus, fresh snow makes everything quiet. You can hardly hear traffic during or right after a snow. (OK, I realize that part of that is the fact that there actually are people out there who try not to drive in this stuff, but I live on a street that always gets traffic. One way direct line to major hospital, you know. And even our street is quieter after the snow)
There's something so peaceful about fresh snow. And something very satisfactory in being the first one to break the stillness of the snow layer by throwing more snow on it. Like skipping a stone on a quiet lake.
And somehow, it doesn't even seem that cold out.
Wait, I was going to bitch about scooping. I was going to end with some rant about why do I even live here when we get so much snow!...I guess I kind of answered my own question.

Monday, December 5

Make a Calendar

Monday, November 28


Originally uploaded by seeshells.
I was recently bemoaning the one thing I miss about smoking (it's been over ten years since I did, btw): Blowing smoke bubbles. Cool fun, and when they pop, the smoke poofs up so cool.
I even had learned, after carefully watching the props comedian that came to my college that year, how to blow a square bubble (you have to blow the smoke into the square bubble to see it better). Math is great when you know how to use it!
Bubbles have always been my thing. I watch the kite flyers while blowing bubbles. I blow bubbles every fourth of July. I almost always have a stash of bubbles in my car for those times when you just need to blow. And of course, I take pictures of bubbles, too...
All that being said.
I will be the first on my block to get some of these!!!

Wednesday, November 23


I didn't even watch it last season. Caught up over the summer due to interesting reviews. Definately hooked this year. Been waiting, what, three weeks, since we found out Bernard actually was, as Rose always said, alive. Been waiting for that moment that they finally know with touch, with sight, what they knew in their hearts, that the other was among the living. So romantic. So f**king romantic. Even with the magic moment just stuck in the prerequisite end-of-show music montage. I bawled. Finally, closure. Good story.

Finishing things

I finished the beaded bag for Crafters United (pictures this weekend, when Dad is here with his good close-up taking camera). I glued and cut the last of the threads last night, but I officially finished it last week, the same day as finishing listening to my first Audible book, Kitchen Confidential.

Tuesday, November 22

Nice Post

Just wrote the best-ever blog the shower.
Um, wait. You can't read/hear my thoughts, right? So THINKING about a blog post doesn't really do much, huh?

Monday, November 21

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho
If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?

Tuesday, November 15

{magnetic advent calendar}

{magnetic advent calendar}
Originally uploaded by joleenieweenie.
I love to see the cool arts/crafts of others. So inspiring.
This idea is very nice, a metal tray painted to be an advent calendar.
Now, I don't really want to make an advent calendar, BUT I have been wishing for some metal in my cube at work. You know, old fashioned offices, there was metal all over the place, file cabinets if nothing else. My nice new office is very little metal, not enough to hold up any cool magnets, much less magnetic poetry or magnetic paper-dolls! AND I have several trays this size, from a garage sale. Good for beading, occasionally used for serving, but half of them sit in the drawer, so they could definitely be turned into a magnetic wall-hanging for the cubie. I can put some velcro-type stuff on the back to affix it to the cubie wall.
Could paint it like a picture frame, or even like a fridge door!

Thursday, November 10

Cool Furnature

Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 18

This is useful

Thursday, October 13

Moving and Shaking

It's moving day!
Work's been terrible busy getting ready for moving, and now the time is upon us!
They staggered us moving, so some moved already yesterday, I move today.
don't tell anyone, but I ended up with the biggest work space of any cube-dweller, and I had last pick because I was last hired

Monday, October 3

Awesome Game Blog

Wednesday, September 28

Crafers United Project Fringe

Crafers United Project
Originally uploaded by seeshells.
Here's my handy beading tip:
When I'm done with a project, and I'm designing the fringe to go with it, I make a sample card like this to check which fringe works best/looks best.
I usually have 3-4 different ideas, or slight differences of the same basic idea. Using the plastic canvas makes the practice fringe hang very similarly to how it will hang when it's on the project.
(go to the flickr photo to see the 'notes' on the specific samples)

Tuesday, September 27

Crafters United Project

Crafters United Project
Originally uploaded by seeshells.
Here's the updated project. The bag is finished, ready for fringe and necklace.

Monday, September 26

Comments again

Boy, I'm a dork (and regular readers are saying 'yeah, we know')
But thanks to Sir Algor I have gotten my comment problem straightened out.
Turns out, Blogger was giving me a link to the direct post all along, but I didn't realize it. I was sure I had checked that link, I thought it was just a link to the main page.
Well, in my defense, maybe it used to be just a link to the main page, like years ago, and I didn't notice when it changed.
In my best Emily Lattella voice, I say: "Nevermind."